Chris Bristow – Otto Edouard Leopold von Bismarck

Talk: Chris Bristow – Otto Edouard Leopold von Bismarck

via Zoom – February 2021

Pershore Civic Society met together via Zoom on the evening of 2nd February 2021 to receive an informative and highly entertaining presentation from Chris Bristow, Civic Society Treasurer on the topic of Otto Edouard Leopold von Bismarck 1815-1898“.

The presentation focussed on Bismarck’s role in the unification of modern Germany in 1871 from a diverse collection of states and principalities. Arguably, his achievements continue to have an impact on life today in Germany, the EU and beyond.
We are all looking forward with anticipation towards the publishing of the book about Bismarck that Chris is in the process of writing – maybe 2022 Christmas present?

Copies of Chris’ slides are available upon request as a digital download – as is a video of the entire meeting.. Please contact Chris Bristow if you would like to receive the slides or video.
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