How the Pershore Plum won the Great War

4th October 2016

An enthusiastic group of people arrived to learn more about how troops were sustained with the aid of plum jam during WW1.
A visitor from Stratford had called in after seeing the talk advertised in the Heritage Centre and presented a poem written by his 7 year old daughter Georgia Milton:

How did the plum win WW1
It fed the troops made into jam
Who ate it in the trenches with their spam.

A fascinating evening with photos of not only some of the troops but also their families left behind in Pershore, together with copies of some heart rending letters.

The arrival locally of Belgian refugees and eventually German prisoners of war helped with the essential harvesting of crops, although the main burden fell on what became the Womens Land Army.

Prior to the war 60% of food was imported which was obviously affected when submarines effectively stopped the convoys.

Also mentioned was the formation in 1916 of Pershore WI providing women with practical help, friendship and support during some of the darkest times in Britain’s history.

Many thanks go to Prof. Maggie Andrews and historian Jenni Waugh who gave the presentation after doing research with the assistance of Worcester Uni students and local groups.