History in Glass, Pershore Abbey

from the red guide book written in 1915 by the Rev F. R. Lawson, vicar of Pershore

Svegan is Defeated

In the year 1013 there was an invasion of Danes, who after sacking Winchester and Oxford, came to Pershore, and were defeated here by the townspeople commanded by one ‘Harley’

‘Harley is made knight in Jerusalem’

A descendent of the Conqueror of Sweyne joined the first Crusade, and was Knighted by Godfrey de Bouillon. His effigy is in the Church

‘The Confessor giveth lands to Westminster’

A large proportion of the possessions of the Monastery were alienated by King Edward the Confessor and given to his own foundation of St Peter’s, Westminster. He built St Andrew’s Church for the Westminster tenants of the town. The Dean and Chapter are still patrons of the living.

‘King Charles breaketh down the Bridge’

The army of the Parliament was at Broadway, and the King was retreating upon Worcester. The Bridge was broken down to protect his rear, and forty men were drowned, June 5th, 1644.

‘The Benedictine rule brought in’

A.D 972 There had been hitherto a college of secular priests. The strict Order of St Benedict was now spreading through western Europe, and the black monks came here

‘Fire breaketh out on St Urban’s Day’

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‘Fire burneth the Church and the Charters’

A.D.1288    A disastrous fire, of which the traces are visible in the church, destroyed many houses in the town. A Royal Commission was issued to replace the deeds that were destroyed.