Dr.Jim Reynolds – Birds as Bio Indicators

Dr. Jim Reynolds – Birds as Bio Indicators

A fascinating talk was given on 26th April by Pershore resident Dr. Jim Reynolds a lecturer in Ornithology and Animal Conservation at Birmingham University.
He showed slides of his many visits to Ascension Island together with descriptions of what is being learnt there about human-wildlife interactions, ecosystems and the effectiveness or not of conservation methods.

He also spoke of his work not only in the UK but around the world relating to the possible extinction of many bird species, now acting as bio-indicators, the possible reasons why together with ongoing attempts to find solutions.
A very thought provoking lecture with many questions raised by the audience and answered by Dr. Reynolds.

Jim would very much welcome contact from anyone interested in the content of his talk. He can be contacted on the following e-mail address is: ku.ca1716952691.mahb1716952691@2.sd1716952691lonye1716952691r.j1716952691. He is happy to share any of his research work with you in terms of published papers etc. and further exchanges.

Details of his ongoing avian oral fistula research project can be found at: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk

Anyone who is interested in what he researches about birds can go to the following University of Birmingham staff webpage: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/…….dr-jim-reynolds.