7 Towns in Worcestershire September 2023

7 Towns in Worcestershire – September 2023

Worcestershire’s historic towns: a heritage at risk from 1960s progress.

Graham Gooderham introduced the film, explaining that whilst working for Worcs. County Council in 1967 he was asked to provide a film covering seven riverside towns in the county: Malvern, Tenbury, Evesham, Pershore, Bewdley, Upton upon Severn and Stourport on Severn showing their heritage, and how links with the rivers Severn, Avon and Teme were important in their trade and cultural development.
Increase in traffic was one of the concerns expressed in 1967. What was prevalent in the film was the number of British cars, such as Ford Anglia, Austin mini, Austin A.35 to mention a few, in all of the towns. Concern was also expressed about the potential damage to these neighbourhoods by the increase in vehicular use.

The towns chosen for this study combine reminders of the proud industrial past with names like Thomas Telford and James Brindley mingling with earlier memories of monasteries and timber framed merchant buildings.
Water is never far away with the mighty Severn and Avon rivers and their less well-known neighbour the Teme flowing through the county. Traffic is a regular theme of the commentary as larger and larger lorries made their way through the historic streets. How much more punishment could these ancient towns take it was asked?

Perhaps its time for an update now in 2023 with traffic concerns having increased it was suggested by members after watching this fascinating film.
Many thanks to Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service and of course Graham Gooderham. Watch 7 Towns online – BFI Player